Looking For An Amp Cover, Cab Cover Or Equipment Protection Bag?

We Have Over 8300 Makes & Models Available And The Largest Range Of Optional Extras Available Anywhere On The Internet...

If you are looking for an amp cover, a cab cover, a cable bag, PowerBag, mic stand bag, stomp box pouch, pedal-board bag or something bespoke - you've come to the right place.

With over 8300 models from over 700 manufacturers, and hundreds of custom made items we have a vast range of amp covers, cab covers, pedal-board bags, powerbags, mic stand bags, cable bags, effects pedal pouches and other equipment protection on offer.

We also have the largest range of optional extras available anywhere on the 'net, and everything we manufacture is backed by several ROQSOLID gaurantees - yes, several!

Choose between a dust cover (DustGuard), standard protection (AmpGuard), added protection (FoamGuard) or even more protection by adding board pouches - a ROQSOLID-only innovation.

If you can't find the make and model of your specific amp or cab OR you want something made for a hand-built item, you can submit the dimensions, we will price up the cover, list it ready for purchase and send you the link - within 72 hours. Go across to our online store today and see for yourself - we're here to help ;-)